7 Things to Consider When Hiring a Maid Service in Canada

You have to choose a maid service wisely

Use these 7 tips:

Whether you are a wealthy executives who simply does not have the time to clean your own house, a stay-at-home parent looking for some help, or an everyday person who simply doesn’t have the time or energy to clean your own home, hiring a maid service may be your best bet. If you’ve toyed around with the idea and are now ready to hire someone, we can help. In this article, we will give you seven tips to help you choose the perfect maid service for you.

Let’s begin.

Know your household budget. The rates for a maid or domestic housekeeper can range anywhere from your states minimum-wage to over $25 per hour or more, depending on your location, the maid’s skill and educational background, training received, whether they’re with a union, etc. By having a set and realistic budget, you will stay within that budget while still being able to find a great maid from a maid service.

Understand your cleaning needs. Have a good understanding of the type of maid that you need. For instance, are you looking for someone who would come in and vacuum the floors, clean the windows, stove or fridge? Do you need someone to shampoo the carpets or upholstery? Or, are you looking for a maid to do your grocery shopping, walk your dog, help kids with homework or cook dinner? By having a better understanding of the types of cleaning services that you require from a maid service, you’ll be more able to find a suitable option, like this maid service in Winnipeg.

Interview prospects wisely. Be very slow in hiring so that can you hire a suitable candidate. While interviewing, ask prospects pertinent questions. For instance, you may want to know about their experience, whether they are bonded or licensed to work in the US, whether they carry liability insurance, how long they been in the house cleaning business, whether they have any preferences, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask them many questions so you can choose the right person.

Check references. Many people can say anything during the interview process but can actually back up the information with facts? By making sure that you ask questions and then following up with reference checks you can ensure that you hire someone with ethics morals and the ability to not overstate the qualifications in order to get the job.

Discuss pay rate. Once you’ve settled on a candidate or maid service, discuss pay rate. Don’t be afraid to negotiate the cost. Ask for discounts. When discussing rates, ask if they offer any discounts for regular cleaning work. For instance, I made that comes into your home once a week on a steady basis will typically offer a discount in comparison to someone that comes in sporadically.
Get it in writing. In this written document, very clear about your expectations and get everything in writing. Make sure that you are both clear about the pay rate and expectations and then draft up a legally binding contract. This will alleviate any misunderstandings and make sure that you and the maid service are on the same page regarding expectations.

In conclusion, finding a suitable maid service to clean your home is a very important task. It is one that you should not take lightly. But, by following the above tips you will certainly find the right maid service to meet your budget while being able to complete all cleaning task to your satisfaction.

10 Reasons Why You Need To Get Your Carpet Cleaned Today


First of all, getting a carpet clean by a professional is highly advisable, if you suffer from any form of allergies or sinus issues. This is because it can help these conditions out a great deal by there not being any fluff, dust, or other stuff inside of your house. All of this dirt, dust, and other agents is what can make people feel sick.

Therefore, get your carpets cleaned often, if only to help any existing medical issues you may have such as the ones mentioned here. Ten other reasons why you need to get your carpet cleaned today will be listed here. So, with this said, do read on to learn more about them for yourself. What are they? They are as follows:

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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?


Carpets are generally seen as the best kind of flooring for homes. They are soft and comfortable to walk on, and they don’t make your feet cold when you walk on them in the wintertime. However, carpets can get really dirty in a hurry, so they will need to be cleaned on a frequent basis to stay looking nice. There are many things that can make your carpets dirty, and there are many ways to clean them as well. Here are a few things to keep in mind about carpet care and maintenance:

Factors That Contribute To A Dirty Carpet

Carpets seem to get dirty fairly easily, mostly because of the dirt and debris that builds up in them. The most common factors that contribute to a dirty carpet are:

  • Pets—Their hair sticks to everything and even embeds itself into your carpets
  • Shoes—Wearing shoes in the house tracks in all kinds of dirt, water, mud, and other debris
  • Age—As carpets get older, they get dirtier, that’s just a fact of life
  • Frequent Use of Carpet Cleaners—Believe it or not, using a carpet cleaning machine too much can actually cause significant damage to your carpets

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Why You Need To Hire A Professional To Clean Your Carpets


Your carpet is probably the most difficult piece in your home to clean and should be done often. This is not only because of the material it is made from but also its role in the home. Since it is a centrally located in the home, you have to ensure that it is clean at all times. Hiring professional carpet cleaners is by far the best option when it comes to cleaning it. Doing this comes with the following benefits.

Saves You Time

Cleaning the carpet is a demanding job. You have to move your furniture out of the way, vacuum it, spot and remove stains amongst many other activities. However, all this is eliminated by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. You will have an experienced technician take care of all this while you carry on with your other activities.

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How to get candle wax out of carpets

How to get candle wax out of carpets

cleaning candle wax out of carpets

We’ve all been there. It’s date night with the special someone and you want to show how romantic you are. So you spread some rose petals on the bed, put on some Barry White, and light every candle you own. But oh! Whoops! In your haste to get the roast out of the oven, you knocked over the big red candle and now there is a big, waxy, crimson stain hardening into your plush carpeting. Great. Now you’re never going to get your deposit back and you can smell dinner burning in the oven. Well don’t worry. First, take the roast out and call the Chinese place down by the pizza shop. Then throw a towel over the spill, you’ve got more important things to take care of tonight. But tomorrow, follow these steps and you’ll forget this ever even happened.

    1. I know I said to not worry about the stain right away but in most cases, you’re going to want to act as soon as possible. The longer it sets, the harder it gets. I feel like that’s a motto for a concrete company.

    2. Grab a Ziplock bag and fill it with ice water. Put it on the stain long enough for the wax to freeze. DO NOT get the stain or carpet wet as this will only make it more difficult to remove (the stain, not the carpet).

    3. Take a butter knife or credit card or something with a hard edge and try to scrape off as much as you can. Make sure to dispose of these shavings properly so you won’t be repeating this process again.

    4. Grab an old towel or paper bag and cover the wax stain with it. Can you see the stain anymore? Great! All fixed. Just kidding, keep reading.

    5. Use an iron on low heat over the towel/bag (not both) to melt the wax. As it melts, it should stick to the towel/bag (still not both). The trick to this is to find the right heat setting that melts the wax but doesn’t burn the towel/bag or the carpet. Because that would be much worse.

    6. Do it again. This probably doesn’t need to be another step but I already numbered it. So keeping ironing and changing out towels/bags, or maybe switch it up and use both to see which one works better. The next tutorial will be how to get candle wax out of towels.

    7. At this step, you should have gotten the majority of the wax off and just be left with the last residue. You can use a general carpet cleaning solution for the rest. Just follow the directions and such. If you still have a lot of wax left and the ice/iron tricks don’t work, find a cleaning supplies store in your area and look for “Gum Gel“. That stuff could pull the wax out of your ears.

If none of this works or if it sounds like too much work to get down on your hands and knees with a bag of ice, an iron, and a towel/bag, you might want to call a professional. Just do a search for carpet cleaners in your area (e.g. carpet cleaning company in Jacksonville, FL) and sort through the reviews. Or if you usually get a direct mail coupon magazine, they are almost always in there.

7 reasons you need your carpet cleaned

Awesome End of Lease Cleaning Sydney Company


Carpets Serve As A Filter

Carpeting in a home is great for children and pets to play on, carpeting helps to muffle sounds, it is a great investment that can last for years, and it serves as a filter to trap unseen particles. Due to this factor, carpets need to be cleaned and vacuumed periodically. If you do not clean your carpeting often, the dirt, dust, and allergens that land onto its fibers, will be ground into your carpet, which erodes carpet fibers.

Benefits For Cleaning Your Carpet


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The following identifies 7 reasons you need your carpet cleaned:

  • Carpet cleaning removes microscopic dust mites and other pollutants. Vacuuming carpets only removes the topical dust and dirt molecules, but cleaning gets down deep and removes bacteria that is harmful to its fibers and threads. Dust mites are not necessarily the reason, that they serve as pollutants, but it is their feces and body parts.
  • Carpet cleaning removes dust particles and stains, which can reduce the life of carpeting. These particles causes carpets to look more aged than they actually are. Carpet cleaning can remove dust particles and stain particles to prolong the life of carpets and reduces the possibility of allergies to the family.
  • Carpet cleaning can stop mold and mildew from taking hold and remaining within carpet fibers. When you maintain a regular carpet cleaning treatment, it is highly effective in getting rid of the bacteria and germs, that cause mold and other allergens that can cause health problems with family members.
  • Carpet cleaning removes toxic gases that attach to its fibers and when people walk, lay down on carpets, these gases are released into the air and are inhaled. The gases emanate from the chemicals that make up carpeting, especially in new carpets and older carpet gases are the pollutants like pet dander, lead, insect allergens, and dirt that build up.
  • Carpet cleaning enhances any room’s décor. If a room is well designed and furnished, and your carpeting is not clean, it spoils the whole impression of your home. A well patterned and plush carpeting décor is what draws your eyes to the whole room. A clean carpet looks great, smells great and gives your room a cozy feel.
  • Carpet cleaning removes odors. Sometimes, when you walk into a room your nose picks up certain odors that you can not account for. Carpet fibers captures many odors within a home and holds onto these particles. Odors from foods, foot traffic, children, pets, and smoking adhere to air and carpet fibers. Cleaning the air is easy with a spray, but carpet odors require good carpet cleaning.
  • Carpet cleaning prolongs the life of your carpet. Carpet fibers that are cleaned retain its softness, plushy feel, retains its colors, and keeps its natural shape, all of which allows you to keep your carpet healthy for a long time.

Varied Types of Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet can be done as a DIY project or by a professional carpet cleaning business. The varied methods of cleaning carpeting, which includes a dry foam method that brings dirt and dust up to the carpet fibers so that they can vacuumed up. Carpet shampooing is the classic process for carpet cleaning, which brightens the carpet with a follow-up scrubbing brush method. Dry cleaning your carpet is a fast method that involves a circular buffer with pads. The dry powder method for cleaning carpeting involves a dry chemical that is rubbed into the carpet, then is vacuumed up. A hot cleaning/steam cleaning is favored by carpet manufacturers and the Environmental Protection Agency because of its deep cleaning and allergen removal process. Also, feel free to contact http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/